Service Commitment

  Pre sales: We have a technical team that can provide personalized and highly reliable power solutions tailored to the power environment and equipment requirements of users;

  In sales: We have professional installation personnel and implement a "machine to person" service model to install and debug for users (models with power less than 20K are only limited to the Shanghai region). During the installation and debugging process, professional personnel will receive training on various aspects such as on-site practical operations, until users can use them freely to complete the operation;

  After sales: Professional technical personnel maintain close contact with users and respond to their requirements at any time. The company headquarters will arrange for the service station to dispatch corresponding technical personnel to regularly inspect and maintain the user's equipment. If users encounter any problems during product use, we guarantee to respond according to the following response system and provide timely and high-quality repair services.

Response system

  After the user reports for repair, our after-sales service department will send professional technical after-sales personnel to the fault site on time for inspection and repair, so as not to affect the normal use of the user. The specific response time is specified as follows:

Shanghai area: 4 hours

Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions: 24 hours

Central China: 36 hours

Other regions: 48 hours

Three year warranty and warranty scope

  1. All power supply products purchased from our company are guaranteed with the machine production serial number, and can enjoy a three-year warranty service from the date of purchase. (Battery models below 12V24AH are guaranteed for one year)

  2. If there is a major quality accident with the product within one month of purchase, the product can be replaced with a new one if the packaging is complete, the packaging data is complete, the serial number is correct, and the product casing is not scratched. This ensures that your risk is zero.

  3. If the following situations occur, they are not within the scope of warranty, but we also adhere to the concept of "full support" and negotiate with customers to resolve:

  3.1 Damaged or lost product identification or serial number;

  3.2 Damage or loss caused by weather conditions such as rain, humidity, lightning strikes, other natural disasters, or force majeure;

  3.3 Violation of machine operation/usage regulations, resulting in deep discharge of batteries and other intentional damage;

  3.4 Damage caused by unauthorized disassembly or attachment of other accessories, or malfunctions and damages caused by self transportation, movement, or negligence after installation.

  Even if the product you purchased exceeds the warranty period, in order for you to still receive timely and convenient after-sales service, we are still willing to implement rapid maintenance, only charging cost fees, and providing on-site service.